Costa Rica is positioned in Latin America as one of the first suppliers of fruits such as pineapple, bananas, papaya and watermelon and the third in the world. Many consumers are already familiar with Costa Rican fruits and prefer it over fruits that are produced in other countries.
On the other hand, Fresh vegetables,have a study that reveals that there are countries that have a strong consumption of potatoes, tomatoes, onions and vegetables. In addition, tubers such as cassava, ñampí; and chayote are part of their daily food, but the local offer does not supply the necessary resources, there is why imports have presented an annual increase of up to 5%, in which Costa Rica is a strong actively participates.

We will take Portugal as an example, the context of that country and the commercial relations that Costa Rica has established with it facilitate the export of these goods.Portugal is in position number 9 as a trade partner of the European Union for Costa Rica and has economic growth that is above the rest of the countries in the region, contacting 60 national companies that are exporting to that country.

All these products must comply with the legislation of the European Union that guarantees food to be healthy to be consumed without contaminants that may affect the health of consumers.

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We are Total Fruit, we are located in Costa Rica and we export to countries in Europe.

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